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Avoid These Common Construction Industry Cash Management Mistakes

Construction industry finance management can be a challenging task. Unpredictable events related to weather, unforeseen changes in subcontractor availability, and unexpected construction supply price increases can have detrimental effects to cash flow and ultimately the bottom line. In order to ensure your construction business maintains a healthy cash flow, avoid these common construction industry cash management mistakes.

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Managing Labor Costs Without Sacrificing Employee Loyalty

As you try to implement plans for labor cost management, its important to make sure you do so in a way that does not erode employee good faith. The following are tips for managing labor costs without sacrificing employee loyalty.

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Factor King® Successfully Establishes Construction Finance Division

Factor King® LLC, a New York based commercial finance company that serves a nation-wide client base, announced the successful establishment of a new construction finance division. One year after this beta program was launched in limited markets, the new division has issued revolving credit lines totaling over 60 million dollars (based on 30-day rollovers). That figure is expected to increase dramatically in 2014 based on current demand and as Factor King expands the program into the rest of the US markets.

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