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Looking for the Best of the Best in Factoring Invoice Receivables?

Look no further- It's and FACTOR KING® offers you immediate cash for your accounts receivable invoices. Raise cash the smart way- convert your company's assets into immediate cash!! Introducing Accounts Receivable Financing:

Low Discount Rates.

High Advance Rates.

Easy One Step Approval Process.

Invoicing to Available Funds in a Matter of Minutes.

Ability to Process Payments in a Fraction of the Amount of Time.

E-Z Approval Process that is Never Based on your Personal or Business Credit Scores.

Unique Hybrid Factoring Allows for Complete Control.

Online Invoice to Cash Processing.

Innovative Purchase Programs.

World Class Customer Support.

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About Us

FACTOR KING® is a direct financial service provider that specializes in the Factoring of invoice receivables for companies that maintain commercial accounts receivables. Simply put, the only criteria is that your receivables be from other businesses.

Our quick and easy approval process makes dealing with FACTOR KING® a pleasure from the very beginning. Our systems and procedures have been streamlined and developed to accommodate everything from the most basic to the most intense circumstances. >> READ MORE


So what are you waiting for?  >> Apply now!
It's free! And there is no obligation!!