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Startup Capital: Top Ten Benefits of Factoring Invoices

This article is part five of the Factor King® blog series “Startup Capital: Sources of New Business Funding” which explores the most common financing options for a business in need of startup capital, expansion capital, or short-term cash flow.
Factoring invoices as a source of cash flow is covered in our final article of this series. Here we list the top ten reasons to choose factoring over other sources of business funding:

  1. Fast Processing - factoring offers immediate same day funding on all approved invoices.
  2. Factoring does not result in an increase or accrual of debt.
  3. Funds are approved without a lengthy approval or due diligence process.
  4. There is no loss of operational control.
  5. Flexible terms allow you to determine the customers you would like factored and which invoices you want funded.
  6. Factoring gives you access to a dedicated team of professionals who offer continuous collection management and follow up on all factored invoices.
  7. Invoice factoring improves cash flow and your credit line increases as your sales grow.
  8. Invoice and statement mailing is provided as a service thereby eliminating postage fees.
  9. There are no application fees, processing fees, termination fees, audit fees or filing fees.
  10. Factoring eliminates the stress of waiting for your customers to make payments so you can make yours. Pay bills, meet payroll, and remit taxes on time without worrying about late fees or damaged credit.

According to Frank Skelly of Factor King®, “Factoring is ideal for small to medium sized businesses who want to increase cash flow without accruing debt for a more stable bottom line.  It’s perfect for companies that maintain commercial accounts receivables and are seeking immediate and flexible funding.”

Did you know that Factor King® offers a quick and easy way to get cash for your business with high advance rates? Factor King is a direct financial service provider that specializes in the factoring of invoice receivables for companies that maintain commercial accounts receivables. We can manage your record keeping and offer fast processing of accounts receivable payments.  Apply now to convert your company’s assets into immediate cash!

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