Small Business Tax Pitfalls to Avoid

Small business tax reporting pitfalls generally fall into the category of forgotten credits and deductions, as well as improper form use. The following tips can steer you away from such mistakes.

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SXSW Interactive - Technology for Small Business

SXSW Interactive kicked off last week in Austin, Texas. Attended by 30,000 digital media industry professionals including tech startup founders, digital strategists, and venture capitalists, this trade show is unlike any other and offers a great opportunity to come to market with the next great digital product.  In fact, many digital startups have been successfully launched here, including Twitter!

For the rest of us, what can a small business learn from SXSW?

  • Stay on Top of the Latest Technology:  Technology moves at warp speed these days, and as a small business owner, it can be difficult to sort through the many apps, social media websites, SaaS products, and digital media that are available to small businesses. SXSW Interactive is a great resource to determine the leaders in any given interactive space, so that you can make a solid choice for what technologies you will use to support your business.
  • Advice from Top Technology Leaders: SXSW Interactive gives your business access to the foremost experts in technology. For example, this year, Edward Snowden spoke about what to watch for in order to better secure your small business online.
  • Opportunity for Brand Exposure: If you’re a small business in the digital space, SXSW Interactive is an ideal opportunity for brand exposure and professional networking. And if you can’t afford the hefty sponsorship fees for SXSW, you can attend seminars that will show you how to get that same type of brand exposure online - which we’ve already touched on in our post, “5 Strategies for Building a Strong Personal Brand Online.”

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In the News: Top Stories in Business and Finance - February 2014

Factor King offers this quick monthly rollup of important stories related to business and finance. We also track leading economic indicators each month giving you a quick snapshot of the status of the economy. This is your update for February 2014.

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